Smt. Indira Sivasailam

Music to Smt. Indira Sivasailam’s life was like life itself. A lifelong companion, music, specifically Carnatic music, was something she was born into as part of a family that was proud of its roots and traditions. Blessed with a wonderful voice, Smt. Indira Sivasailam developed into an exceptional talent owing to the encouragement she received and her devotion towards the art form. She graduated from Queen Mary’s College in music and went on to become an All India Radio artiste.

Anyone who knew her, knew, that Carnatic music was an integral part of her life. Smt. Indira Sivasailam’s relationship with Carnatic music was multi-faceted; she was a devoted rasika, an exceptional practitioner and, a lifelong disciple and patron of the art.

A big part of her life even after her marriage to Sri. A. Sivasailam - Chairman of the Amalgamations Group, Smt. Indira Sivasailam was encouraged to follow her passion for Carnatic music even as she took on more responsibilities to become a supportive wife and a wonderful mother to her two daughters Mallika and Jayashree. She was a student of Carnatic music all her life, receiving training from distinguished Gurus, including being mentored by the renowned musician Sri. Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer, in Ashtapathi. Though, it was under Sri. D. K. Jayaraman’s keen guidance that Smt. Indira Sivasailam’s musical identity took a mould of its own and her music achieved transcendental quality.