The Indira Sivasailam Foundation

The Indira Sivasailam Foundation was instituted in 2010 by Ms. Mallika Srinivasan as an everlasting tribute to her mother Smt. Indira Sivasailam. A testimony to her enriching life, the foundation aims to further Smt. Indira Sivasailam’s love and desire to uphold and promote our rich cultural heritage by preserving and propagating its various art forms.

The foundation actively engages with the community on various fronts and makes meaningful contributions by participating in causes like care and welfare of senior citizens, women’s empowerment, preservation and promotion of Hindu philosophy and Sanskrit literature, and, “Annadana”. Through the Indira Sivasailam Endowment Fund, the foundation honours and recognizes Carnatic musicians and gives them a platform to showcase their talent at The Indira Sivasailam Endowment Concert held under the auspices of the Music Academy, Madras. The winner of the concert is honoured with ‘The Indira Sivasailam Endowment Medal’. The concert is open to all, without any fee to promote South Indian classical music across different sections of society.