A Tribute From Sudha Raghunathan

A lifelong passion for Carnatic music and South Indian tradition and culture, a generous heart that supported various social causes and fostered Annadaana, the gift of food…all these were shining reflections of the gestures of a single and wonderful soul - Smt. Indra Sivasailam. She believed that education was the path to excellence for women, and as a woman playing multiple roles. I have always drawn inspiration from Indira Amma. How fortunate and blessed I am to be the first recipient of the Indira Sivasailam Endowment Medal in 2010, instituted by the family in her memory.

Music occupies a special place in Smt. Indira Sivasailam’s heart. I was touched that she always took the opportunity to discuss and learn a few kritis from my Guru MLV Amma. She enriched the environment with her charming presence at all music concerts and functions. Believing that good music must be preserved and the legacy carried on, she played a pivotal role in encouraging upcoming talent and offering them suitable platforms for performance and recognition. It was her conviction that good music must continue to prevail and be recognized appropriately that led her family to institute the Indira Endowment Medal.

This award in her memory will mean a lot to the music fraternity - a great pride to the recipients and an embellishment to their music career.

Padmashri Sudha Ragunathan